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Vet Tech Salary in Georgia

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The average Vet Tech Salary in Georgia is approximately 13% lower than the national average for both hourly rate and annual salary.

The following tables show the approximate annual salary in Georgia including metropolitan and non-metropolitan areas.

Note that annual salary has been calculated by multiplying the hourly rates by 2,080 which represents the estimated annual full-time working hours. In cases where there was no hourly rate information then the annual salary comes directly from the reported survey data.


Average Vet Tech Salary in Georgia

Hourly Rate (approx.)
Annual Salary (approx.)
Georgia $13.00
National $15.00

Metropolitan areas

Metropolitan Area
Hourly Rate (approx.)
Annual Salary (approx.)
Athens-Clarke County, GA$19.50$40,500
Atlanta-Sandy Springs-Marietta, GA$13.50$27,500
Augusta-Richmond County, GA-SC$12.50$25,500
Savannah, GA$11.50$24,000

Non Metropolitan areas

Non Metropolitan Area
Hourly Rate (approx.)
Annual Salary (approx.)
North Georgia$12.00$24,500
Middle Georgia$10.00$20,500
South Georgia$15.50$32,000

Source: Data is sourced from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Employment Statistics dated May 2011.